Hi! My name is Tracy Principi and I am here to tell you, you can acheive anything you want! It just takes some mindset work and then it takes a strategy you can implement. Why me? I have over 15 years experience in marketing and business development for Publicly Traded companies. Most of the jobs I held were VERY stressful and utitilized VERY masculine energy! I always knew deep down inside there was something more to life. I couldn’t imagine having my own business or how I would do that so although I wasn’t satisfied, I made good money so that kept me in my jobs.

I was a psychic kid and I didn’t like it! It was downright scary and I just wanted to be like everyone else so I set off on a mission to do just that! Be successful acquire material things and do what society tells us to do. I realized that void within me couldn’t be filled anymore and I needed to do some soul searching. I walked out of my company in 2008 with no plan other than a deep burning I could no longer ignore.

The fear of the unknown became less painful than the fear of spending the rest of my life in my comfort zone.

I’ve never looked back! I’ve started several businesses since then and my mission and passion is to help you step into your power and purpose and do what you love! I look forward to connecting!

If you are ready to make this happen, I am here for you.

Click below to apply for a clarity session, and let’s find out how I can help you.