Ancestral Karma Healing 60 Min Session $150

One of the most powerful tools in my toolbox is the ability to clear your past life trauma, vows, contracts and agreements you took in this lifetime and previous lifetimes. This is the deep layered stuff that we carry through generations and ancestors that cause repeating patterns to show up, the struggles we cannot seem to shake no matter what we do. This healing allows for radical change and forgiveness. Clients have instantly transformed and released burdens and barriers keeping them from their true power, their success, joy and abundant nature. Let me show you what it feels like to heal with your own ancestors. I use my training in energy healing to clear negative beliefs, upgrade your DNA for rapid ascension and to reach a higher vibration that brings more peace, joy and well-being to your life!

  • Ancestral Karma Clearing and Healing including trauma in this life and previous lifetimes
  • Release vows, contracts and agreements you took with your ancestors and parents in all lifetimes
  • Help you gain clarity on your life’s purpose, career, finances, relationships and provide energetic clearing in any of those areas
  • DNA activation and clearing of cellular memories in your DNA
  • Crystaline Lightbody Activations bringing you to a higher vibration after we clear
  • Cord cutting, releasing negative attachments and psychic hooks
  • Identifying your gifts and what to do with them
  • Meeting your Spirit Guides
  • And much more!

Most clients feel much lighter and more relaxed during and after the session. The healing keeps going after we get off of the phone. One session can really shift things for many people but weekly sessions over a period of time is most transformational for your healing and growth.

72 Strand DNA Activation ~ $99

This is a VERY powerful recorded session that brings you to a higher level of consciousness while you are watching the recording. People have manifested clients, money, intuitive gifts, connection with higher realms of consciousness, pain gone away, an overall feeling of peace and joy and old beliefs being disolved. Some people did have emotional baggage come up and a detoxing of emotions but only because it was needed.