Energy Clearing and Healing Sessions

Are you ready to finally put an end to what is blocking you? Are you ready to be rid of the burdens that seem to be a pattern in your life? Are you ready to be free of past life karma that is causing issues in this life? Are you ready to make peace with your parents, all generations and your ancestors? Then get ready for some powerful work that I call Ancestral Karma Clearing! Here is some of what it can do:

  • Ancestral Karma Clearing and Healing including trauma in this life and previous lifetimes
  • Release about 30 vows such as a Vow of Poverty, contracts and agreements you took with your ancestors and parents in ALL lifetimes
  • Help you gain clarity on your life’s purpose, career, finances, relationships and provide energetic clearing in any of those areas
  • Clear on a deep level from your cellular memory and your DNA where science has concluded we store memory
  • Crystaline Lightbody Activations bringing you to a higher vibration after we clear
  • Cord cutting, releasing negative attachments, psychic hooks, karmic imprints and implants
  • Identifying your gifts and what to do with them
  • Meeting and connecting with your Spirit Guides
  • And much more!

Most clients feel much lighter and more relaxed during and after the session. The healing keeps going after we get off of the phone so drink lots of water. One session can really shift things for many people but weekly sessions over a period of time is most transformational for your healing and growth.

Single Session – Ancestral Karma Clearing/Limiting Belief Clearing – 60 Minutes, 150$ 

Includes Clearing up to 30 vows taken with parents in this lifetime, 12 generations back, previous lifetimes and making peace with ancestors

Package of 3 Sessions plus Email Support ~ 399$

3 50 minute sessions to be used within 6 months for more effective healing and clearing of deep rooted blocks and Karma